Southern Thunder is an all event DJ that can perform at gigs ranging from church functions and weddings to shows like “Good Girls gone Bad” at the Dawg House.

I can cater to every taste and have a very large library of music to choose from.

Our events do not necessarily have to be indoors either.  The Peavey equipment I have can easily withstand the rigors of an outdoor event too.

My music library contains well over 35,000 songs, ranging from the 1950’s all the way through to modern music.  It is a continuously growing collection and I add music to it on a very regular basis.   Even if, on the small chance you could not find your special music in my collection, I am able to add whatever you choose before your event.  Let me know and I will find it!

Aside from just regular songs, I have a large selection of edited music too.

For more information on booking Southern Thunder, please see the “Bookings” page.